Will you join our sports club?

The word triathlon in the club name suggests that our club is primarily for the most sportive people. In the case of Atletiekvereniging Triathlon, that’s correct! At least if you interpret sportive as sporting fair. Everyone is welcome at this Sports Club of the Year 2021 (Amersfoort municipal winner). Our trainers are there for everyone, young and old, anyone who wants to get and stay fit on foot, with spinning wheels or in the water. There are activities every day of the week, all for one flat fee. Read on to discover what suits you best. What is your next step?

Running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, swimming or trail running. These are just a few of the activities our club offers to adults. Youth can join us for athletics in the broadest sense of the word. Athletes with physical disabilities are also welcome. For our youth members, there is a Frame Running group and for adults we work together with Team Para-athletics. Playing sports together gives pleasure.

Blue and green go hand in hand
The start of many of our sports activities is at our clubhouse in the Birkhoven forest area. Every Saturday the forest turns slightly blue – after the club color – while the green of nature prevails. We are aware that we are guests in nature and at least once a year we do a “plogging” session. Near the clubhouse is a new track and field facility for technical numbers and sprint training. There are challenging boot camp facilities. We also train at the athletics track in Schothorst.

Take on the challenge
Exercising together is not only fun, it can also help you push your limits. Our experienced trainers will take care of that! Do you want to participate in competitions? We’ll help you get started. AV Triathlon organizes several events annually, such as the Track Competition, the Club Championships cross, the Vlasakker Run and the Fun Triathlon. The Keistad Triathlon is also on the bucket list of many.

Free trial period
Find out what’s right for you by joining a sport of your choice on a free trial basis for one month. You can also try out a mix of several sports. If you decide to become a member after the trial month, please register via the registration link. As a gift, we’ll give you the AVT drinking bottle. Do you have any questions? Please mail us at

If you’d like to know more, please click on one of the links below. There you will find more information about the training schedule (timetable), locations, trainers and signing up. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Running

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  • Youth athletics

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  • Running boot camp

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  • Hiking

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  • Swimming

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  • Cycling

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AV Triathlon is a sports club with approximately 1,000 members. Most come from Amersfoort, Leusden, Soest, Hoogland, Hooglanderveen, Hoevelaken, Woudenberg.